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Amiga VGA Cable (with GBS8200)

I don’t own a monitor for my Amiga, so I wanted to connect her to a VGA (lcd) monitor/TV. I tried several way to get this done, but so far I didn’t got it to work. Only the composite output of the Amiga … Continue reading

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Smoking Amiga fixed

Today I fixed the Amiga that was smoking. Last week al parts arrived so I could fix her. The capacitors are for a higher voltage and therefore a little bigger that the ones I removed. After fixing I turned on … Continue reading

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Vic-20 Cartridge came with the mail

Today I received a Vic-20 cartridge I bought from on the internet. The Speed Math/Bingo Math (VIC-1933) Cart. A nice addition to my collection.

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Drive number switch SX-64

Some time ago I found a way to mount a drive number switch for the SX-64 on a Dutch Commodore site (see here). It was a 3 pole 4 position switch mounted at the place where the fuse used to … Continue reading

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